Nicotine vs. CBD: Two Types of Pods for your Juul

The Juul brand first made waves on the market in 2017 and has experienced rapid growth in just two short years due to its immense popularity. Originally developed for traditional cigarette smokers as an alternative to wean them off the nasty habit, younger generations have found themselves curious and eager to try the device. Juul now has a following that largely consists of teenage and first-time smokers – sucked in by a clever marketing campaign and promise of a device that is easy to use and hide from your parents. The flavored pods that attach to the device are equally small and easy to buy or take on the go. Juul has quickly developed a reputation among smokers and non-smokers alike to get their nicotine fix – which rings in at 5% nicotine strength per pod, as opposed to other competitor e-cigarettes that have a strength of 1-2.4% nicotine. The creators of Juul do not currently produce a CBD juul pod for the device – there are only nicotine options available. With flavored pods like mint, mango and vanilla available, it has been easy for people to overlook the harmful added chemicals and elevated nicotine levels. Teens in particular are seeking out these sleek devices and many are finding themselves hooked on the habit and taste of these vapes. The ease of the pull, along with the interchangeable pods with different flavors, and the convenience of carrying the device has made it a best seller. 

With the instant success and spread of the Juul, the natural next step was to create a CBD juul pod that would fit the Juul device. The convenience of interchangeable pods is one great benefit of the Juul device. Each CBD juul pod contains approximately 200 puffs – the same number found in a nicotine containing pod, and also the same number in a pack of cigarettes. By choosing the CBD option, you are choosing a completely natural and organic formula, without added chemicals, nicotine or THC. A CBD juul pod uses a blend of CBD and terpenes to create the desired effect pain, to anxiety and sleep. There is no nicotine in the CBD juul pod, just great flavors and combinations to help combat a variety of issues in the body. While Juul itself does not produce one of these pods, many online retailers have created their version that fits the device. Check out a site with lots of reviews and information to find the best CBD juul pods available on the market now.

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