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Why are our CBD juul Pods different?   We specially designed these CBD pods not to leak and give the perfect pull.  We have product tested these CBD Pods in Charleston, SC for a year now and we finally found the perfect CBD pod. Our CBD pods are designed with larger intake holes engineered to vape our thicker, more potent oils, while maximizing the amount of vape per hit. . These CBD Pods are designed not to clog.
Stronger then most CBD Pods on the market: Similiar CBD pods only have 100mg per pod. Chuckcity CBD pods come in 250mg and 500mg pods.
Patented Terpene and CBD Blends: You get all the benefits of pure CBD plus the flavors and effect of our natural Terpene blends. Our formulas are created to  target a desired effect. The overall effect of the rich combination of cannabinoids and terpenes is known metaphorically as The Entourage Effect.
Guaranteed Best CBD Juul pods on the market or your money back!

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